What is AI Legal Tools?

AI Legal tools are computer-aided technologies used to analyse regulatory compliance risks, automate legal processes, create contracts, manage document analysis and more. They are designed to help improve the efficiency, accuracy and scalability of the legal-related tasks. Examples of AI legal tools include predictive coding, automated compliance monitoring and smart contracts.

Contracting Assistant
Automates contract creation and edition

Automate your contracts

Latch assists with tasks such as generating redline suggestions, determining if clauses are market standard, modifying clauses, and more. Latch is powered by GPT-4, a large language model created by OpenAI.


Automated legal analysis
Know what you sign, manage legal terms

Automate and speed up legal tasks

Automatically extract key terms. Find problems with legal style, definitions, and risky language. Translate legalese into plain language, monitor website legal terms, and more…

Legal Robot

AI Virtual Legal Assistant
AI Legal Customer Service

AI for Law Firms

Working in more than 40 languages, Amelia can interact with the most complex dialogues across any channel from voice to mobile and online chat. Even when clients switch between different requests and topics in a single conversation, Amelia stays on track.